Matthew Colthup

Matthew Colthup British guitarist and renowned blues/rock artist whose performances include the Matthew Colthup Classic Blue Rock Band, France as well as guest / supporting appearances with Papa George, Tami Lynn, Dr John, US Stones.

Matthew divides his time between his home base in Parthenay, France and the UK.

Matthew Colthup

About Matthew

Since 2020 Matthew has fronted 'Matthew Colthup Classic Blue Rock Band’.
Matthew Colthup is a composer of original works and has recently demo recorded an album of original material to showcase his single ‘’Paper in Your Fire’’.

The ‘Swingin’ Guitar Man’ EP including ‘Cooking on Steam’ and ‘Oh Pretty Woman’ is his latest release ; three tracks that chronicle his song writing and instrumental career in Line of Fire, and as a solo artist, alongside his recording relationship with the acclaimed London producer Tony M Lyons (GTO/Warner Bros/The Scene) are now remastered by Tom Pearce (Elton John / Eric Clapton / Jeff Beck) and released across all major streaming platforms.

Matthew Colthup's reputation as a dynamic guitar showman, enthusing and engaging audiences in France was cemented when he supported Archie Lee Hooker at the Moncoutant Blues Festival.

Latest Release

Matthews latest release, "Swingin' Guitar Man" features tracks recorded and produced by Tony Lyons. and is now available on all major streaming platforms.

Swingin' Guitar Man

Gear Facts

A full 'Guitar Rig' video interview with Trevor Pearson is available here
Fender Stratocaster
Matthews Guitar

Matthew’s principle guitar is a black USA Fender Stratocaster which he bought in Reading, England in 1990 and fitted with Seymour Duncan humbucker pickups, to give him a fatter tone and more sustain than the stock single coil pick-ups.

Matthew uses Rotosound strings, gauge 11s

Rivera Amp
Amp & Speaker

Matthew uses a Rivera Quianna 55-Watt valve head for amplification, coupled to a Celestion G12 Vintage 30 speaker.

This particular Rivera amp and speaker cab was owned and used for many years on the road by his friend Papa George and was acquired in 2019.

Pedal Board
Pedal Board

Matthews pedal board comprises Keeley Compression, Maxon Overdrive and Keeley Clean Boost, with a Boss digital delay set to 350 milliseconds with a low repeat, built into the back of the Rivera.

Reverb comes from the Rivera amp’s own spring reverb unit.

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Matthew Colthup

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